About Woody Newton......

....... Born in Charlottesville and growing up in Virginia, I graduated from the University of Richmond in 1971. Shortly after graduation I went to work for the Burroughs Corp. (now Unisys) designing and selling mini-computer systems. The mini-computer of the early 1970's was one of the stepping-stones for the personal computers which are so prevalent today.

While with Burroughs I had the good fortune to learn to ski and completely "got hooked' on the sport. I decided to leave Burroughs and I moved to Vail in the summer of 1974. After working at various jobs for a couple of years, I started teaching skiing in 1977 and I maintain a skiing as well as personal relationship with many of my early students even to this day.

My real estate career began in 1984. After working for the largest real estate company in the Valley for many years, I decided to start Woody Newton Real Estate in 1993 to give a more personal and client attentive approach to buying and selling.

After being lucky enough to live as a single man for my first 15 years in Vail, I married my wife Joyce in 1989. We now have two beautiful (I'm not a bit biased) daughters Kimberly age 25 and Leah age 22.

I love living in the Vail Valley and look forward to helping you realize your Vail Valley dreams as well.

I have recently started my own Buyer Brokerage called Vail Buyer Brokers. Come visit my new website at: www.vailbuyerbrokers.com


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